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What you are saying about the Bodega

Posted By Nephilim Killer, December 23, 2012

I was hesitant at Blade Show, didn’t like the idea of shelling out north of 900 bucks for a midtech knife. The lottery happened, I didn’t enter. Some of my buddies did and they let me play around with the knife, and something got stuck inside of my mind about this folder…something about the inter-bolton-framelock design, something about that blade shape, something about the size and smoothness of the design, something about that bad ass pocket clip.

Well when I got back to Nashville I went through all the WIP threads about the Bodega and saw just how much work Todd and the Begg team put into these midtechs, the price all of a sudden seamed much, much, much more acceptable. I put my order in and BOOM, within a week I had an orange G10 Bodega at my doorstep.

Its an impressive, some might say flawless knife. The tolerances are ridiculous. The amount of thought put into the design is enormous. The flipping action is insane, it utilizes the IKBS system perfectly. Its a big knife but it feels great in my small/medium and thick hands. The choil is a great addition and just the right size. And my GAWD, opening and closing the knife is effortless and so much fun, when that knife opens it THWACKS open and kicks like an auto. And the overtravel frame lock is innovative and effective.

 – Justin Laffer (customer)

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