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Profits are over rated

Posted By Nephilim Killer, February 7, 2013

I wanted to write this post because sitting here getting ready for bed I can’t stop thinking how difficult it is some days running a knife company. To train guys that can implement Todd’s attention to detail and technical tuning has proven to be very difficult, but we have come a long way in spite of the hardships. I want to let you guys know that for the first year we have not seen any profit, and not because we are purchasing a bunch of new things for our shop, it’s because labor is very expensive and when you need the amount of time it takes to get guys trained to build knives the way Todd does and has built his name around you feel that you might be doing the impossible. We have committed ourselves, that we will not design knives based around what the cost of materials is, but the labor  part is something that does not happen over night. Todd has personally trained every new worker that has come into our company and this has taken a lot of time to get up to speed.  I want you guys to know that these knives you hold in your hands have a story, each one of these knives has our joy and our struggle. We are not punching out an assembly line of product each one of these knives has had a story to tell because of the difficulty to get to the point of actually being able to make the knife. Training guys to get to this level has taken a year just to get where we are now. To duplicate this process will more than likely be the same for new people that come into our family of artisans to make this possible. We did the numbers several times and to get these knives out we were actually paying money on top of the cost to get them out there, and yes this is true….very true. We have discovered many things on this journey to get here and communication is everything, there is no efficiency without it period. But that being said we are determined to continue on and  make the challenging designs, because we believe with our whole heart that going the easier route is not in our name and will not be our heritage ever. When we leave this world we want to know that this company left it’s mark on people’s hearts and minds from now and for the  generations to come. As long as our world stands people will look at these knives and remember this company as a company that lived by the code of no compromise. The world is full of compromise and this is why we will ride this out, and hold true to our belief  in this journey until we make this company what my brother dreamed of all his life. Thank you all for your support!